Delivering great knives, to great people is what we do

Knife Pack is an AMAZING monthly knife club in which members receive a hand selected, high quality knife each month! Knife Pack makes collecting knives extremely affordable, and extremely FUN! Knife Pack can be given as a gift to anyone you think might appreciate a nice quality knife!


A little about our Knife Pack mission

Here at Knife Pack, we believe that every single person should be able to collect amazing knives, for an affordable price. From this hope, Knife Pack was born. A service that allows people to discover extremely unique, yet high quality knives, that they would not have found anywhere else. 

Knife Pack also takes pride in donating a percentage of all proceeds to those who are less fortunate than we are. We like to spread the positivity, so if you have an idea for a charity, please let us know though Email, Text, or our social media pages!

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